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MetaQuotes™ presents $MTM

MetaTrader Master®

Worlds first crypto token backed by the most profitable trading strategies on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 servers. Official MetaTrader Crypto Token

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Connecting Trading to Blockchain

Team Verified by Coinsult

Entire team KYC verified by Coinsult.

Security Audit by Coinsult

Contract code fully audited by Coinsult and shown to be 100% secure.

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  • MTM token circulating max supply is 500,000
  • Token holders are awarded dividends through trading profits
  • No tokens will be burned. Every token will be sold on the marketplace
  • Funds can never be hacked as balance is stored in a regulated broker
  • Copy trading the worlds most profitable traders and hedge funds



MTM token has integrated the MetaTrader platforms into blockchain technologies. Powered by world class copy trading servers and tracking top trading portfolios across the globe. MTM token holders can hedge against the entire financial industry with a secure long term ownership for generations.

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How to Participate in MTM

Step 1

Use email and your information to sign up on our Platform here

Step 2

Click Buy MTM tokens within your dashboard

Step 3

Verify your wallet address for receiving $MTM

$MTM Tokenomics

metatrader crypto


BSC Token


Total Supply


MTM Token

MTM Tokenomics

Use the contract information below to add the MTM Token to your wallet.

Token Details

Token Name

MetaTrader Master Token

Token Sale Stage


Token Type

BEP-20 (Binance)

Token Symbol




Token Contract Address


Presale Details

Tokens sold during the pre-sale

122,443 MTM tokens sold

Current Pre-Sale Price

1 $MTM = $1.44

Exchange Pre-Listing Price

1 $MTM = $3.85

mtm token exchanges



MTM is built on BSC BEP20. MetaTrader is the worlds most commonly used trading platform, used by retail traders and institutions globally. MTM has access to all trading accounts on our platforms. We use the most profitable trading portfolios to track and copy across multiple MetaTrader platforms. 

Powered by MetaTrader Master MTM tokens are locked for price stability

 We believe the future is not stable coins, the future is $MTM

MTM token

core features

  • Limited locked 500,000 token supply – Max Supply 5,000,000
  • Token pool locked and stored offline to prevent hacking
  • Funds stored in regulated FSC broker
  • Powered using BNB network for low fees
  • Profits paid to token holders as dividend
  • Circulating funds always re-invested
  • Trade copying the most profitable MT4 & MT5 traders



MetaTrader Master has trademarks and patents for its technologies in AI and blockchain. See our trademark certificate for incorporations of international trademark rights. The MTM platform infrastructure is powered by core MT4 and MT5 library databases. Partial funds of token are held in a regulated trading broker. 

Phase 1 - Q3 2023


Phase 2 - Q4 2023

Token Pre-Sale

Phase 3 - Q1 2024

Release token to public

Phase 4 - Q2 2024

Live Simulation

Phase 5 - Q3 2024

MTM Supply Full

$MTM Questions Answered

MTM token holders are hedging against inflation whilst providing dividends to token holders. Using our state of the art MetaTrader Master platform we can copy trade from the most profitable traders in the world, including hedge funds. MTM tokens are more reliable than stable coins such as USDT and USDC. BNB mirrored offline liquidity pool which is un-hackable, held in a regulated broker account.

$MTM tokens will always hold it’s value and grow through compounding algorithms powered by MetaTrader Master®

Go to our Portal and create an account. Within your account you can then participate in owning MTM tokens. MTM Crypto tokens can only be bought using USDT TRC-20. Token holders are also required provide KYC. Minimum 18+ for participation. 

No you do not need the MetaTrader app. However if you wish to track our trading balance portfolio and see the gains real-time we can provide you investor logins through Metatrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Monitor live trades taking place on our MetaTrader Master platform.

Within your dashboard you will have a wallet balance. All dividends are paid to your wallet through USDT and held into your wallet for you to transfer externally.

MTM will be listed on Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Bitpro, Bittrex and major exchanges.

MTM have chosen BNB network blockchain for our crypto tokens. You need BNB to buy MTM tokens through our dashboard.

Our goal is to reach major exchanges with an entry price of $4 to $4.35. Through our blockchain recorded addresses, we will lock over 84% into our liquidity pool. This ensures the crypto price remains stable and can only grow.

Once pre-sale is finish and tokens are listed on major exchanges you can move your MTM tokens to cold storage for added security. 

Within your portal you can raise a support request. Alternatively email